Sparky's Coffeehouse
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Sparky's is certified by

Sparky's is supporting the planting of
rain forest trees through the
Arbor Day Foundation

Brewed with naturally grown,
fairly or directly traded beans.
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Sparky's Hours:
Sun – 11-5
Mon - Thurs – 8-6
Fri & Sat – 10-8
Closed Tuesdays

The Doghouse
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Upcoming Game Nights
Saturday, January 14
Saturday, February 18
Saturday, March 18

Sparky's Coffeehouse
32 West Whitehead Street
Sparta, NC 28675


Cake!We have espresso-based drinks, like cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas, as well as French Press. Sparky's Coffee is brewed with mainly naturally grown, fairly or directly traded beans. Those grown in rainforest climates are certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

We are proud to align ourselves with roasters and suppliers who share this purpose.

Our drinks are prepared with premium or natural sweeteners. We respect everyone's allergies and sensitivities, so we offer as many “mixers” as we can. In addition to cream and whole dairy milk, we offer dairy-free soy, as well as soy- and dairy-free almond.

In addition to espresso and French press, we also have Moka pots, Turish cezve, and air press. Try something new at Sparky's!

Find out about what all this means at Sparky's. We have charts to explain everything, and our barista loves to educate everyone about the drinks we create!

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